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Re: Speaker wiring question

> It is only a 2 channel passive crossover...   The way the OEM crossover
> appears to be wired it 2 input wires (+/-) and 3 output wires
> (hi+/low+/common -) [if I remember correctly]...
> If you are installing aftermarket speakers, and you have a 3 channel
> crossover, how/where are you installing the 3 speakers?
> Arden

    All placements are in factory locations... The 4" Goes into the dash,
The 6" and the tweet go into the door. Is there some other setup? I only ask
because the crossover seemed to have too few wires, and I thought someone
would know BTDT. I'm hoping to get away with not wiring anything... (that
would be bliss)

PS- I'll soon put up some photos of the car (with the stereo) on my site. I
have been lame lately, and I haven't done anything with it.

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