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pads for G60 brakes

Does anyone know if there are race pads available for the Girling 60 brakes
from suppliers such as Pagid?  I've had good experiences with the Pagid race
pads (blue/red/yellow) in the past, and they offer (or at least offered)
pads that did not have the hot fade characteristics of most
street/aftermarket pads.  I'm in the process of setting up decent cooling
for the calipers on my Urquattro to keep the fluid from boiling and would
like to upgrade the pads at the same time.

I found the Pagid blue pads a decent pad even when cold, but never suffered
from pad fade when I used them in the past.  For reasons unknown to me, the
are apparently not "street approved".  My present setup suffers from pad
fade after 3-4 laps at the track and eventually suffers from fluid fade
after continued running.  I'll battle the fluid fade with Ate Super Blue and
the caliper cooling setup, but pads I have yet to find.  I have lots of
other options in the brake department, but I am determined to keep the
Urquattro as near original as possible, hence no A8 brakes or such for now.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland