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Re: quattro-digest V1 #571

Actually, they do engage and stay(very slightly) depressed.  I've
had problems keeping one of the fog lite switches depressed, took
it apart and cleaned/ relubed it and it works a lot better now.

If the switch wasn't sabotaged by the PO, try this first.

Matt Rooke

>My 1991 90Q those switches are momentary.  You push them in till the
>anti lock light goes on on the dash or the red indicator on the counsel
>and release.
>- --- ".andrewnewman" <andnew@bellatlantic.net> wrote:
>> Hi fellow listers;
>> The previous owner of my recently purchased 90Q with 64K miles(my
>> first
>> Audi) apparently disabled the ABS on/off switch (in the on position)
>> as
>> well as the Diff lock switch (off position). The ABS switch will not
>> "stay" in the depressed position as if the switch itself was tampered
>> with to keep the ABS from being shut off. The diff lock switch does
>> the
>> same thing, and when I removed it, someone had ground one of the
>> wires
>> to the switch.