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Re: Jamex or ABT

In a message dated 99-10-28 00:16:31 EDT, you write:

<< Howdy all,
     I am considering getting new springs for my '84 Coupe GT it seems my
 options are Jamex or ABT.  My car has the stiffer 1984 springs, and I would
 like to have something at least as stiff and lower.  What would you suggest?
 Jeremiah >>

You know, for not too much more money, you can have coil over springs, as 
stiff as you want, with adjustable ride height.  It costs about 100$ per a 
corner for the springs and ajustable plates.  Cost more?  Yep, but it's a 
much better system.  Ask me, I put after market springs (Abt) in my GT in 
August, only to replace them in October with coilovers.

BTW, for the unadventurous my Abt springs are for sale.
Carter J