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Re: HMS Has Moved!! Great place to get accessories

In a message dated 99-10-28 13:38:34 EDT, you write:

 Thanks to you HMS has outgrown our location in Marblehead. As of November 1,
 1999 we have relocated to a new location in Centennial Park, Peabody, MA
 with more than 4 times the space we had in Marblehead.
 The new facilities will offer and expanded showroom and a much larger
 inventory of safety equipment and BMW accessories.
 Please make note of our new address and phone numbers:
 HMS motorsport
 3 First Avenue
 Peabody, MA  01960
 Toll Free Orders:  888-467-3269 (No change)
 Direct Phone:      978-532-1170
 FAX:               978-532-2016
 e-mail:            joe(paulo)@hmsmotorsport.com
 e-mail Joe direct: joemarko@shore.net
 All current orders not shipped and or mail should be immediately routed to
 the above address.

Hey guys - HMS stocks a bunch of really awesome stuff - from colored duct 
tape to Schroth seat harnesses.  They're all really nice guys, and the owner 
Mr. Marco has been an instructor for the BMW school for quite some time.  He 
has a really neat Z3 2.8 that has been tricked out.  It's quite fast.  
Anyways, any lister in Mass looking for stuff, I would recommend swinging by 
and taking a look at what they have.  BTW, they are an importer of Zymol, and 
some really light roadwheels.

Carter Johnson