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Re: differences between '86-'88 5kT, and '89-'91 200T??

Hi Chris;

    Dave gave you the technical details - I can give you my personal
impressions, having had a 180k km '86 5ktq and a 281k km '91 200q.
    Overall, the re-engineered '89-'91 Type 44 is a more durable and
reliable car. Most major problems have been fixed (leaking racks, leaking
pumps, peeling clearcoat, etc.) although some of the old familiar gremlins
remain. IMO, the brakes and steering don't have as nice a feel ( both are
softer on the later cars), but this is more than compensated for by the
myriad of other improvements as listed by David in his post. The MC-2 engine
with the K24 turbo has noticeably more low end grunt which improves the
North American driving experience. The later cars are a little more
luxurious, a little quieter, and a little more "solid" than the '86-'88
    If I had a choice, I would buy the later car, preferably the newest you
can find, as Audi was continually updating these cars. My '91 200q was a
pleasure to own and drive and required little non-routine maintenance over
its 281k km.

Fred Munro
'94 S4  91k km

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> If no airbag, then engine is the same, now with dashpot for throttle. The
> midyear change to the engine was cam, compression and turbo (mit airbag).
> 89 (all) changed the cam belt to the 'super belt'. The interior, door
> and trunk lock is different. There are some changes to the AC (including
> electronic addition to the AC relay that everyone should have that uses
AC, and
> a revised blower fan).  The 89 uses the Procon 10 cable sys to pull the
> away from you in the event of an accident. If quattro, then you now have
> dreaded Torsen. The stereo is upgraded with the diversity dual window
> system most complain about for poor reception (Delta vs Wiesbaden). It
> gave a readout to the dash.
> I have a copy of the 100/200 model year change information book
> (WSP-521-170-00).
> The Kostal connector system was dumped and snap lock color coded
> were used for the wiring harness (a huge improvement IMO). Relay positions
> various control boxes were moved, then moved again in the mid year change.
> ABS sensors were changed, and the # of teeth on the CV halved. Trip
computer is
> now integrated to the instrument cluster and controlled via the column
> switches. For automatics, the shift lock was redesigned and included a
> Windshield washer bottle was moved to where the old headlight washer
> bottle was. Wipers were redesigned to stay up if lifted for cleaning.
> windshield washers and door locks were added to the cold weather package.
> system was now standard on quattros (at least). The ergonomics changes to
> interior were very much needed.
> These changes aren't especially noticeable to the non enthusiast, but
> turned the type 44 chassis from a luxury sport sedan to a sport luxury
> Anything else you want to know?
> JordanVw@aol.com wrote:
> > listees,
> > i have found a '89 200T (at, black leather sport int. around 100k mi)
for a
> > good price, and wonder how much different it is from my '86 5kT