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Re: 4000/5000/VW Syncro

Mark Hahn writes:
>   Being new to a 5sp Quattro ('87), am I right in understanding that the
> 4000/5000, and VW Syncro 5speed Trannies are all the same.

The 4K and 5K quattro models and the Quantum Syncro all use the same
type 016 transmission.  However the gear ratios may differ.

> I'm not sure
> about the weight of the VW but I know the 4000 has to be a lighter car than
> the 5000?  MGH

Yes.  The 4000 is lighter than the 5000 series cars.  The Quantum is about
par with the 4Kq, but the Syncro is only available on a station wagon body.

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