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RE: UrQ Vin Question.

I beg to differ with Michael here ... the "82" models that were brought in
as the original '83s did have the "C" in the VIN.  According to the sequence
information on the fiche (which I've posted in the past, and has been the
source of a lot of discussion :) it was built in the month of August 1982.
My car is -85-D---0222, which the fiche would state was also built in
August, the sticker on the door frame states that the car was built in 3/82.
I certainly don't know where the discrepancy comes from ... perhaps it has
something to do which start vs. end of the prduction line ...

Mike is correct about the fact that it should have the rear antiroll bar,
and the front A/R bar will be the early style, without the "stabilizer link
rods" ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

> -----Original Message-----
> Aaron Pratt decided to speak these words:
> >WAUDCO854DA90042
> Well, its an 83, US model, very early build date, probably in the 
> 2/82-3/82 range.  Really an 82 model, but brought in as an 83 
> and hence, 
> VIN'ed as one...
> It has the old style rear suspension with the rear sway bar, 
> the fuse box 
> under the dash, and a host of other little differences, just like my 
> car...