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4ktq starts (sortof) (WAS No spark 4ktq project)

Well everyone,
	It appears my No Spark problem is fixed.  With the Spark Plug out
of the hole to check for spark, I cranked the engine with my newest
favorite toy (remote Starter Switch $3.99 at Harbor Fright) I cranked and
the dang thing Started.  I had Spark. Duh.  Yay.  I'm so happy.  I was
starting to doubt my abilities but it started.  With NO Intake Hoses.  So
it ran for 1 second. (hence the Sortof in Subject Line)  BUt it did run.
	I then replaced spark plug and secured everything and ran it for a
few seconds (10+) by manipulating the Air Flow Sensor Plate by hand.  Its
a little rough, and loud (empty lifters) but it runs fine, and starts
right up.
	ANyhow, it seems the problem was what I suspected.  I checked all
connections and traced lots of wiring and found no problems with the way
I had it wired.  So I swaped the TDC and RPM sensor wires.  THat was it.
THe KH harness is not color coded Red/grey/black there like the MC harness
is so I guess I got them mixed up on the ECU side.  Switched them and it
works like a charm.
	So now all I need is to get the Vacuum system figured out.  (No
easy task)  I have most it traced out and hooked up but I have a few
	1)  ON the 5ktq there is a Check valve or something (filter maybe)
haning off the bottom of the Air Boot.  (Air boot from CIS to Turbo)  What
is this for?  I'm using a Ur-q top Air Boot and this doesn't have that.  I
believe one of the vacuum lines from the CHeck Valve??? goes to the Carbon
Canister.  On the Ur-q its set up the same way.  But do I need a check
valve there.  I dont see why I would.  
	2)  WHats Vacuum hose going into Throttle Body do??
	3)  ON the KH the WG Freq Valve is a little different.  Its
square.  DOes it matter where hoses go on this?? Its got the same number
of connectors (3) but instead of two on top its got one on top and one on
side.  Which is which?   Also, on the KH there is another electronically
controlled device like a Vacuum advance sort of that has one hose coming
from it where the WG Freq Valve is located on the MC engines.
(ie...passenger side of coil)  WHAT is this thing?  WHere does the vacuum
line go to.  Its not a vacuum advance distributor.
	4)  THe ur-q and KH take air for ISV from the IC to TB hose.  In
ur-q it goes to its version of an ISV and KH goes to side of ISV.  DOes
there need to be a check Valve of any sort in there or not?  THe ISV is
fine with all the boost??  (Sorry if this is a stupid question)
	5) Vacuum Brakes.  THe MC/KH have a larghe vacuum hose coming from
Intake Manifold and going to the vacuum resivoir behind driver fender (I
think)  Those that have done 4ktq conversions, what did you do with this.
I'm thinking it should maybe go into (after check valve) a vacuum resivoir
of its own that feeds the brakes???  This hose has two small white check
valves on it.  Facing oposite directions.  Inbetween them is a T-with 2
small vacuum lines coming off it.  One is labeled to go to the WG freq
Valve.  WHy inbetween two check valves.  Isn't that counter productive??
	6)  CAn somone with a KH tell me how many wires go to your Multi
Function Temp Sensor.  THe sensors used to be diferent I think but now it
appears the MC unit has superceded the KH part.  MC has 5-wires going to
it. I dont seem to have 5-wires on KH harness.  ONly 2-3 (cant remember)
Is this right??  DOes it matter what pins they go to.  (My harness doesn't
have the connector there)
	I think thats it.  If anyone can answer any of these questions,
that would be great.  Hopefully with some luck I can get this thing
running next weekend and driveable the weekend after that.  (I'm
stretching it, I know)  But snow is falling and I'm tired of the Borrowed
Jetta I'm driving.
PS. A6 Brakes suck in the FAde Dept.  In a stint of driving tonight (30
degrees outside) I managed to get fade after 10 minutes.  I was left foot
braking a bit to trick the Auto into holding a higher gear but still.  THe
stock pads SUCK after hot.  Cold they do wonders though.

	Todd Phenneger
	1983 ur-q / black / getting a MC
	1984 4000 quattro / modified/ turbo conv almost done.
	1987 4000 quattro / Saphire Metallic Blue/ Girlfriend's
	1996 A6q / Volcano / Dads Car
   *****1985 5kt / PARTING OUT!