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Re: Urgent/Help!: Need body shop in Tacoma (Seattle)

Me too!
Just picked up a used 4kq and someone has put a dent the size of a cucumber
(?) just above the front passenger door.
Same area. Just a little south of Tacoma

Jason Fisher wrote:

> I was in a minor fender-bender in my 97 A4 1.8tqm, and I need a body shop
> that is competent enough to fix it nicely.  Any BTDT's?  I'm going to have
> them replace the hood (Vortrag vented) and put an aftermarket front-bumper
> on (A!-S) as well as clean up whatever else is there.
> Suggestions?  I need a place ASAP so I can have the parts shipped there.
> Thanks!
> Jason