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Re: Coolant autocheck (still)

Dove into the system today, only to come out with more questions. I
originally thaught that it was the coolant level sensor tripping the display
off in the car, after testing the sensor that was found good, next I though
maybe the multi-function sensor, unpluged several time with the car running
and the coolant autocheck light remained on, does the light stay on
constantly after an error has occured? I would think that the temp, display
would switch off as soon as the temp drops to norm. What else is there that
would be tripping this thing?!?
Everything was fine, until I blew the top hose fitting off of the old rad. A
day after everything was buttoned up again I started getting the coolant
autocheck display, it comes on ~30sec. after start and says on all the time.
The day I got it back together there were no warnings, then as I was leaving
work the next day I got the warning and its been on since... I thought I had
dorked up the coolant level sensor somehow when moving the tank about to get
the rads out/in but apparantly not.

Please help!

w/a pissy '87 5kcstq.....