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engine misses when warm

This is a fun one,  when the engine in my 82 coupe gets up to
temperature, it starts missing and makes starting at an intersection
rather difficult and downright uncomfortable.

This is what happens: When the car is cold, it drives fine. Just a
little cold that's all. As soon as it gets up to operating temperature,
about 5-10 minutes later, the engine starts to miss as I apply more
throttle, basically it is starving for gas. It started out as a slight
shudder, but now I can't even drive at highway speeds. I had to go up
the hill to my house in reverse because it was the only gear low enough
to accomodate the engine's gas starvation above 1700 rpm or wherever it

I know that simply changing the fuel filters *could* be the problem, and
I've already bought them, and I'll get those in tommorrow, but what else
is probable? I've heard of the warm-up regulator being a possibility,
how exactly does this work, and is it a factor?

geordie clarke