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Re: 944 engine into quattro? (4k,5k)

In a message dated 99-11-02 20:42:06 EST, you write:

<< 2's 1/4 mile. A very modifiable
 engine, just like the 5 cylinder turbo. Ya gotta know what needs to be
 done. It's easier on the 944 because the hp parts are available.

Yes, you can add horsepower to the 944 T motor.  With the chip and a few 
other things, the horsepower is up over 300 and you're right, you haven't 
spent a bunch of money.  Also being a 944TS fan,  that thought makes me very 
excited.  However, driving these cars at the limit can be....well, difficult 
to say the least.  They are extraordinarily tempermental, and turbo lag, 
especially then with the larger turbos, is horrible.  As it is, my stock GT 
leaves my father's 944TS in the dust on the highway in top gear, at least for 
10-15 mph.  After that, it gets silly.  However, building the Powerhaus 370hp 
motors, you will find, is a 15-20,000$ motor.  They are not cheap, not easy 
to maintain, and have to be rebuilt, on a very regular basis.  Don't believe 
Contact John Millidge Engineering, in Cape Cod, Mass.  I can get a phone 
number.  He built my father's engine, as well as the suspension on the car.  
He also built a few 968 turbo motors, and a few super built 944T motors, all 
in excess of 400 hp.  Ask him how much.

Carter J
1986 4000CS Quattro
1986 Coupe GT

1971 MB 280 SL
1982 BMW 633 CSi
1988 BMW M5
1985 BMW 535i
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1989 Porsche 944 Turbo S
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