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Deer season

>From the Washington Post. Just a reminder to watch out....

Deer Season

We are in the midst of the deer mating season (October-December), when deer
are most active and unpredictable, and the American Automobile Association
reminds us to drive with caution. Already we have had one person in our area
killed in a car-deer accident, when an oncoming car hit a deer and propelled
it through the windshield of the victim's car. Here are some AAA tips:

* Deliberately watch for deer, and if you see them, slow down.

* Dodging a deer at any speed is risky. Many accidents occur when motorists
swerve to avoid a deer and hit another vehicle or leave the road and roll

* Motorists should brake when they see a deer in the road, rather than try
to avoid it. If a collision cannot be avoided, release the brake at the time
of impact, making it possible for the deer to go underneath the vehicle
rather than through the windshield.

* Once a deer clears the roadway, proceed cautiously because other deer may
be following.

* If you hit a deer, report the crash to the local police and your insurance

The average collision causes about $2,000 damage to the striking vehicle,
the AAA said.

'96 A4q