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Re: (diff lock lights on 5k) was RE: details, details

Earlier, Livolsi, Stephane wrote:
> Paul ,regarding the diff lights I would assume that they are triggered
> by the actual locking of the dif because on my 86 5ktq there is a delay
> before the light comes on.
>                Essentially, I think the light doesn't come on because
> you turn the switch on, it lights up to confirm the dif is locked.

    I think you are right.

    Plus - the electrical switch is external to the differentials,
    if things are not adjusted right, you CAN have the differential
    locked and NOT turn on the light.  BTDT.

    The "turn-off" of the ABS is triggered by the same switch, so
    as in my case, you could lock the differential (by vacuum) and
    not turn on the light ... and also not automatically turn off
    the ABS.  The adjustment was right on the edge for a while,
    sometimes I got a light and ABS off, sometimes not.

    - Charlie

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