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RE: 1991 200 20v poor gas mileage...

> For the least 2 months or so, average gas mileage (mpg) has dropped
> from 24 to about 20, for mixed driving, sometimes as low as 19.

I've been running a Hoppen computer (Jeff's old leaded-footed one) in my
200q20v for, oh, I'd guess at least a year. With the computer change I saw
my fuel mileage drop to about 19-20 for most of my mixed-mode driving, up to
24 on pure highway.

About 2 months ago, though, I started seeing the display, and my calculated
fuel mileage, drop 2 mpg all around.

I replaced spark plugs, a torn upper intercooler hose, and the O2 sensor, in
that order. I saw no change in the mileage until the O2 sensor went in, then
there was an immediate 2 mpg increase, back to the 19-20 range.

This O2 sensor change coincided with the fuel change on October 1, so I'm
hoping I might get another 1-2 in the Spring when we get the real stuff