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Ahhh! Not my Bentley

    The Audi gods/Bentley gods played a nasty joke on me last night.  Around
5AM I heard the dreaded noise of a cat heaving a half chewed mouse up in my
room.  I instantly sprang into action to find out where the cat was.  Right
at the foot of my bed, but luckily not on the bed.  I made some loud noises
and the cat took off.  I decided to get the light on and commence cleanup
and low and behold the cat managed to cover my Bentley with stomach love.
Although the weird part was the cat had perfectly thrown-up so the vomit
didn't spill over the engine of the laminated cover.  I got some paper
towels and clean as before, had to use a little disenfectant lysol on a rag
to make the smell dissapear.  I'm thinking the cat is sick of me working on
the car and wants to get some attention and fed on time.  Anyone BTDT? :-)

Anyone wanna trade 80/90, CQ Bentleys?

Alexander van Gerbig
'88 Audi 80 -- Koni Yellows, G&M Springs
HÖR Technologies Sport Hydro Cam, K&N Filter
Borbet Type T, Dunlop SP9000 Sport

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Katonah, NY 10536