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Garage attendants...

If there is one thing that seriously annoys me, it is a stupid garage

My complaint here is the people who installed my tyres. I have no
problem with the tyres but with the fact that they cranked my lug bolts
on way way way too tight. I couldn't take them off with the silly lug
wrench audi supplies with their coupes, and in my opinion, if that won't
take them off, what good is my spare tyre?

This all started when I wanted to replace my  rear brake shoes. I
couldn't crack the bolts. To tickle my curiosity, I checked the tourque
on my lug bolts, and it registered beyond the scale on my wrench, far
over 100 ft/lbs. The manual says they should be tightened to 66 ft/lbs.
I took my car to a place that put on two of my tyres and I asked them to
crack them loose...the guy walks out with a breaker bar much larger than
any I would ever own..a good 2 - 3 feet in length and he says "these are
perfect, they aren't too tight". And then he puts them back on. I get
home and try my lug wrench and I can't get them off. I try the tourque
wrench. Way over 100 ft/lbs. I would have no chance changing a flat tyre
on the side of a road.

Sure, they can be tighter than the book says, but come on, it shouldn't
be double the specified tourque value. I am sick of silly attendants,
that bar he used was way too tight and just downright ridiculous.

geordie clarke
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