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Timg Belt/Head Removal/Valve Job Tools '85 UR-Q

When I first bought my Audi 4K-Q I virtually had NO tools, then I found it
was cheaper to buy the tools and do (most) everything myself...  But now I
need to buy more tools to do a heck of a lot more work than I ever imagined!

So before I get all the parts, does anybody know what tools I will need for
a complete head removal and to put in new valves and a new timing belt.  I
see BLAU rents some items but if the $$ is right I would rather buy them so
I can do both cars ('85 UR-Q and 4K-Q) if need be one day.

'85 UR-Q (darn timing belt broke at 59736 miles, and I was going to put in a
new one at 60k)
'85 4K-Q