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Re: I got a different "bite"

Hairy green toads from Mars made Kneale Brownson say:

> I've developed a new "lust".  Took a spin of the more common type in a '91
> 20vtq200 a couple days ago, AND I WANT IT.
> Price isn't bad, but there were a couple issues:  
> While motoring about on a cold, wet and windy day, climate control set on
> "bilevel" to keep my tootsies warm, the car windows suddenly all steamed
> over.  A switch to "defrost" didn't clear the windshield until ten minutes
> later and the rear window remained misted (but I didn't turn on the rear
> defogger).  Is the CC in trouble somehow?  I had the temp set at 69.  I
> noticed the defrost button produced a lot of hot air from the window vents
> in the top of the dashboard and the coolish 69-degree air ordered for the
> rest of the outlets in the dash.

Was it below 40 degrees outside, which would prevent the A/C
compressor from kicking in? If so, this is sometimes just the
way it goes, but it could be a sign of the notorious broken
fresh/recirc flap. Not too many $$$, but a big PITA to fix.


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