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changing gas stops stalling

Thought this could be an interesting data point even though it could be just

My son's 87 5kcstq had been stalling fairly regularly for about two weeks.
Everytime it stalled the fuel pump whine kicked up. After stalling the car
restarted immediately. Based on list feedback it appeared that the stalling was
caused by garbage in the tank clogging the fuel pump screen.

Until the car could be brought to the garage for a tank cleaning or a fuel pump
strainer removal my son decided to try a different gas. The car had been run on
a mixture of Amoco, Texaco, and Sunoco premium gas. With Sunoco being the
primary component since the gas station is only half a mile from house. My son
switched to an all Amoco premium fill and the stalling stopped. He has been
running with Amoco for a little over a week and there hasn't been even a
stumble. He has even let the tank drop below the quarter empty mark, and there
wasn't even a hint of hesitation.

Does the Amoco brand gas have additives that are better at breaking down crud in
the fuel system than Sunoco or Texaco, or is this just coincidence?


87 5kcstq - the kid's wheels
95 A6Q - the wife's wheels
92 Nissan pick up - my wheels

p.s. gotta thank the list for all the feedback on the stalling problem