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Re: Hydraulic Oil for Dummies (101)

At 08:33 AM 11/08/1999, you wrote:
>Ok, experts and novices alike, please weigh in on the subject of Goo2K for
>your beloved four ringed male anatomic extension.
>We all know that Audi A.G./AoA/AoWherever only recommends Genuine Goo2K for
>your prized ride.  Most of us also know that "Pentosin" of Germany makes
>the oil even for Audi-says so in the small print right on the Audi bottle.
>Here are my questions.  For reference, my car is an '86 5kT:
>1)  What is the real deal between Pentosin CHF 7.1 and Pentosin CHF 11?

The 11s is synthetic.  Other than that, very little difference.  It's kinda
like the difference between dino oil and synthoil.  There is very little
difference between the products.  Used comparably with reasonable
distance/time between changes either oil will serve nicely.  The 7.1 vs.
11s decision is much the same.  When your car was made the 11s variant was
not available.  Therefore the 7.1 version is the one for which your car was
designed.  Should you use only the 7.1 and not the 11s?  It makes little
difference.  The 7.1 is a little less expensive.  This is probably the most
important single fact upon which to base this decision.

Answer me this: which cartridge/rifle is better suited to killing a deer at
30 yards?  A .30-06?  Or a .270 Winchester?  The answer?  Who cares?
Either is more than capable of doing the job.  Either is preferable to the
front end of your Audi.  :-)  You pays yer money and takes yer cherce.

>2)  What is Genuine Audi Goo2K closest to-7.1 or 11?

Audi uses the same part number for both.  Audi regards them as essentially
identical and therefore interchangeable.  You pays yer money and takes yer

>3)  What is the compatibility between 7.1 and 11?

Rumor has it that 11s can replace 7.1 but not the other direction.  I'd
wager the replacement can go either way with no concerns for the car.  You
pays yer money and takes yer cherce.

>And the kicker:
>4)  One of the mail order vendors sells "Febi-Bilstein" #02615 "Hydraulic
>Fluid ZH-M" as a replacement for the Audi Goo2K.  This is what I have been
>using for the last nine months or better.

I have no definite information on this product, but it is likely that it is
a viable substitute.  If the viscosity and viscosity temperature
coefficient and effect on seals, etc., are the same then one can substitute
for the other with little likelihood of problems.  You pays yer money and
takes yer cherce.

>Recently, I was at a local store that sold BOTH Pentosin fluids, the Febi
>fluid and another hyd. fluid made my Castrol that had Jaguar stickers on
>the bottle.
>The salesman at the store said the Febi 02615 is meant for Mercedes
>applications, but did not know if it would damage the Audi systems.
>Just wondering if the international illuminati could take a stab at this one.
>Gents, let's not get into trans-atlantic trashing of each other.  We don't
>need any more behavior like the "T" posts.  I just want to understand my
>car better, and want to make sure I am not damaging it with the substitute.
> I DO understand that Dexron II ATF would trash the system.
>Thanks for your input.
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