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Hydraulic Oil for Dummies (101)

Ok, experts and novices alike, please weigh in on the subject of Goo2K for
your beloved four ringed male anatomic extension.

We all know that Audi A.G./AoA/AoWherever only recommends Genuine Goo2K for
your prized ride.  Most of us also know that "Pentosin" of Germany makes
the oil even for Audi-says so in the small print right on the Audi bottle.

Here are my questions.  For reference, my car is an '86 5kT:

1)  What is the real deal between Pentosin CHF 7.1 and Pentosin CHF 11?
2)  What is Genuine Audi Goo2K closest to-7.1 or 11?
3)  What is the compatibility between 7.1 and 11?
And the kicker:
4)  One of the mail order vendors sells "Febi-Bilstein" #02615 "Hydraulic
Fluid ZH-M" as a replacement for the Audi Goo2K.  This is what I have been
using for the last nine months or better.

Recently, I was at a local store that sold BOTH Pentosin fluids, the Febi
fluid and another hyd. fluid made my Castrol that had Jaguar stickers on
the bottle.

The salesman at the store said the Febi 02615 is meant for Mercedes
applications, but did not know if it would damage the Audi systems.

Just wondering if the international illuminati could take a stab at this one.

Gents, let's not get into trans-atlantic trashing of each other.  We don't
need any more behavior like the "T" posts.  I just want to understand my
car better, and want to make sure I am not damaging it with the substitute.
 I DO understand that Dexron II ATF would trash the system.

Thanks for your input.