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Re: Hydraulic Oil for Dummies (101)

William P. Magliocco writes:
> Here are my questions.  For reference, my car is an '86 5kT:
> 1)  What is the real deal between Pentosin CHF 7.1 and Pentosin CHF 11?

The 7.1 is mineral based, whereas the 11S is synthetic.

> 2)  What is Genuine Audi Goo2K closest to-7.1 or 11?

Audi originally used the 7.1 in its cars, then switched to 11S in
the later models.  The "official" Audi fluid part number G 002 000 didn't
change in the switchover.

> 3)  What is the compatibility between 7.1 and 11?

The 11S is backward compatible with 7.1.  Cars originally came with 7.1
(such as your 86) can be filled with 11S, but the later cars that came
with 11S should only be filled with 11S.

> The salesman at the store said the Febi 02615 is meant for Mercedes
> applications, but did not know if it would damage the Audi systems.

Have no idea.  I'd use the proper Pentosin stuff to be sure.
Would be penny-wise and pound foolish if damage arises out of
improper fluid use.

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