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Re: Ur-q Door Seals NLA?(or rings decal??)

Hmmmm.... what, exactly, does this signify? Are the doors on the CGT and the
ur-Q different? I was thinking of ordering some 4-ring fade decals (ur-Q OEM)
for the CGT... obviously, the decal will fit- but (stupid question) will the
template formed by the backing paper match the shape of the CGT door? I was
thinking that this question was below the collective dignity of the List, but
now I'm not as certain... beyond that, the wind noise in the Coupe is getting
obtrusive, 'twould be a shame not to be able to remedy this.

Ti Kan wrote:

> David Ritter writes:
> > I had a little talk with Linda@Carlsen today. The door seals I ordered
> > for my 83 Ur-q seem to be now unobtanium. The numbers I used came from
> > the fiche, and supposedly were good numbers.
> Doesn't the UrQ use the same door seal as the Coupe GT?  Is that also NLA?
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