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Re: My 4K odometer isn't odometering...

Dear Tom-

You're going to get a million responses on this one.

ALL THE VDO odometers on all german and swedish cars do this eventually.
I'm serious-- there is a design flaw in the mechanism.  One of two things
happens: either the pinion of worm gear pair splits and therefore stops
spinning the shaft (self repairable), or the metal gear further on the
shaft spins on its shaft (requires an expert).

Either way I actually recommend an expert.  I have fixed these myself on my
bmws, but have vowed to never do another.  I just had mine on my Audi
repaired by an expert, and they did an excellent job.

Place is called "overseas speedometer", in Austin TX, 1800-444-0292, and
also they have a website (www.speedometer.com). 

Good Luck.

At 12:07 PM 11/11/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi all, the odometer on my 86 4KCSQ stopped working and I was wondering if
>anyone can help me with where to start looking. I have a Bentley and it says
>that the odo is driven from the Hall sender. I'm guessing that if the Hall
>really stopped working I'd have bigger problems than just the odometer not
>working...  I did take the cluster off to check things out with hopes that
>I'd see something obvious like gears but nothing...
>I'd really like to see this car hit 300k on the odo. anyone help ?
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