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Re: Center drive shaft mount 4KQ

This part is documented as replaceble in the archives. Its a BMW part
number for 4Kqs. They may need to modify the mounting by mig welding on
your mounting tabs. I just had mine done (200q) using a BMW 325 part
(may not be the same for 4Kq). Its a simple repair - remember to have
them mark the driveshaft (index) prior to diassemble. The cost of the
part is about 40.00. This is normal wear and tear...
Also avail from Blau ready to bolt in for about 150.00.

dannoelle wrote:

> Hello to all,
> I need some help.  I have an 86 4KQ which I just
> picked up after having a clutch replaced.  Upon
> picking the car up, the mechanic tells us that the
> center mount for the drive shaft has deteriorated,
> and that the vibration is so bad that it cannot be
> driven above 20 mph.  Well, it turns out he was
> right.  There is a big space where the rubber has
> deteriorated at the bottom of the drive shaft.
> Can I just get the bearing/rubber seal for the
> center mount, or do I have to buy an entire drive
> shaft to fix this.  This is urgent- my Audi is my
> only transportation.
> Also, is this a case of the shop not properly
> handling the drive shaft while repairing the
> clutch?  I did not have this problem prior to it's
> replacement.  Should I be making them pay for the
> correction?
> Any input is greatly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> -Noelle
> --
> MZ