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5kT (MC motor)-bypassing intercooler & headlight

I have just parted with $600 and now own yet another four-ringed money
extractor!  :)

This is an '86 5kT, which will go quite well with the one my wife "took"
from me.

This one had been involved in a front-end bang-up...not too severe, some
pounding will get it back to close enough to normal.  Needs passenger side
head light and the intercooler was broke in two.  The plastic tank where
the hoses go was completely removed from the coil part.

In order that I can get this home without too much ado, I plan to whip up a
little bypass unit made of 2" ABS pipe and a couple of elbows.

Any comments from the field on this?  Also, anyone have a used headlight or
leads on one?  I might even consider going back to the sealed beam version
on the '84/'85 if the need arises.

Hey, if worse comes to worse, it will make a dandy parts car for my running
'86 5kT

The good news is that the PO had it for nine years, and has a fair amount
of service invoices and a nine year old title to back it up.  Also, the
other radiator appears ok, as the coolant tank had plenty of glycol mix
(albeit the wrong stuff).

He had given it to his teenage kid who wasn't paying attention behind the
wheel.  No collision insurance due to the age of the car, natch.  The guy
is too depressed to want to even look at it anymore.