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Re: Failed Emissions

FYI some of these aren't really related directly to emissions but 
can't hurt(consider it a friendly reminder :)

When was the oxygen sensor last replaced?(this is the -biggie, they 
MUST be replaced every 60k, they're practically designed to last 
exactly that long.)

Run a bottle of fuel injector cleaner though the system recently?

Any problems with engine performance in general?(lazy off the line, 
hesitation, bad fuel mileage etc.)

Last air,fuel, oil filter change?  Last oil change?

Have you gone under the car and tapped the cat and listened for 
rattling noise(sounds like cat is full of buckshot?  If so, your 
cat's honeycomb structure has collapsed and it's no good anymore.)

Does the exhaust smell differently?  I don't recommend sucking off 
the tailpipe of course, but I'm sure everyone knows how when you're 
around the car and it's running, you can smell a hint of the exhaust. 
The human nose is far better than a gas analyzer for telling 
differences; I can tell the difference between my car, having just 
started, my car warmed up, the 5kCST, and the Volvo wagon; what can I 
say; they all have very unique smells to the exhaust.)

If you do go the route of a new cat, a high-flow aftermarket cat will 
cost FAR less(1/3-1/4 as much) and you may get a teeny bit of extra 
oompf(though probably not any) out of it.

At 8:52 PM -0500 11/12/99, -=Bob=- wrote:
>My sisters 89 90Q flagged emissions the other day, they said it failed
>NOx.  What recommendations can I give her? New Cat?

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