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RE: nicked - now wishlist

interested in your thoughs on the 996 c4?  personaly think that this is a
major improvement on the 993 c4.  it has more feel and involvement than the
old 993 c4 i've driven.  i understand the dash has also been improved from
appalling to just about ok.

as for the daily drivers...  i had to be pulled off a mb pagoda last week,
and a nice little 356 for a very reasonable price...

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q
'88 mb 2.3-16

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72, 79, 89.  The three memorable must-have's in thy garage are (IMHO) a
72-73 2.4S (or a Carrera 2.7...), an 88-89 Carrera 3.2 and a late 993
Carrera S (no, not the 4S).  Given enough lottery wins, there are also the
3.0 Turbos, 3.3 Turbos, and the mighty 993 Twin Turbo, and many variations
of limited production cars...

That garage should probably also have enough room for the Urquattro and the
Sport Quattro.