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Re: This thing that's clicking on my 200???

Does it have two fairly thick hoses(half inch maybe?), one connected 
to the intake path before the throttle, and one that's after the 

If so, this is probably the Idle Stabilization Valve, and you should 
leave it plugged in.  The ISV bypasses the throttle plate and allows 
more air to pass by when the engine is under load or to compensate 
for vacuum leaks and such.  Clicking is part of its normal operation.

You will notice that your idle will be much higher with the valve 
unplugged(1500rpm) and the ECU should generate an error code.

FYI, when needing to identify parts, the part number usually helps 
out for those with fiches.


At 12:14 AM -0600 11/17/99, Daniel Hussey wrote:
>Hey listers,
>There's this little metal round thing with a plug hooked up to it that is
>part of (or sits in) the intake boot just after the airbox and air flow
>meter on my 89 200TQ.  This thing is clicking like crazy on my car!!!!  I
>unplug it and the noise goes away and doesn't seem to affect performance.
>Two questions.  What is this thing and what does it do?  And, can I just
>leave it unplugged or should I replace it?

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