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Re: This thing that's clicking on my 200???

>From: "Daniel Hussey" <>
>There's this little metal round thing with a plug hooked up to it that is
>part of (or sits in) the intake boot just after the airbox and air flow
>meter on my 89 200TQ.  This thing is clicking like crazy on my car!!!!  I
>unplug it and the noise goes away and doesn't seem to affect performance.


That clicking valve is the carbon canister frequency valve (aka solenoid)
which regulates fuel vapors into the engine while it is running. It will
come into play about a minute after the engine is started. 

This is a new valve that was added on the dual knock sensor MC engine in
the 1989 Model year. It does make a fair amount  of noise, and often is
mistaken for a noisy hydraulic lifter. I would leave it connected, and not
worry about the noise as this is normal.

There is another solenoid type valve behind/below the intake air boot that
regulates fuel vapors from the fuel tank that is opened above 1400 RPM.

Scott "ClicknClack" Mockry