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Re: airbag, Dealer scam or Dead bag. Was: One Hot V8

The thing is that the airbag light wasn't on and it wouldn't stay on after 
starting or any abnormal behaviors.  Worked fine from where i was seeing 
it(AFAK, of course).  AoA kept on sending me mail telling me to take my car 
in for the airbag recall.  After  the recall the light came on and stayed on. 
 dealer told me the module that was replaced is suppose to detect problems in 
the airbag, and in this case, there was.  Kinda fishy.  But what can I do?  I 
told them to put the old module back in so I won't have that annoying light 
and they told me it was illegal.  They they promptly told me that the Silver 
99' S4 was for sale for MSRP.  Oh well....

Anyone know how to turn that annoy light off?  TIA

89 200t10v
Redmond WA

In a message dated 11/17/99 12:02:21 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
Steven.Buchholz@kla-tencor.com writes:

> the recall would have cost you (or even the dealer) anything.  What I
>  learned when I took my car in was that the recall does not replace the
>  explosive unit(s), but the control box(es) that trigger them or the coiled
>  spring in the steering column.  I don't know why the dealer told you that
>  the recall would fix your problem ... perhaps they thought it was the
>  control box that was at fault.  What probably happened is that when they 
>  the recall they then found that the airbag itself is bad.  
>  Steve Buchholz
>  San Jose, CA (USA)