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Re: VAG software emulator review

The Toshiba I'm using is a piece o junk. It is a 486-40mhz. I am running
windows 3.1. This was suggested by the software maker so as not to be bogged
down by the enormity of Win 98. He also suggested to shut off all of the
battery saving software so as not to get any interruptions by it. None of
this helped though.
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Date: Wednesday, November 17, 1999 3:12 PM
Subject: Re: VAG software emulator review

>"Tim Leonard" <nard1@voyager.net> writes:
>>After several attempts I can get connected but only momentarily
>>before losing communication with the cars computer. Any help you may
>>will be appreciated.
>The problem sounds like it may be caused by the computer you're using
>being too fast.  You might have to slow it down.  I had this problem with
>some cell phone cloning software, it could read my hand held fine through
>the parallel port, but when I went to transfer this data to the built in
>car phone the communication would break.  Bought a Piece O Junk 8088
>laptop and it worked just fine.   A shot in the dark has a better chance
>than none at all.
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