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Re: One Hot V8

 Brett Dikeman <brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net> writes:

>Airbags only last 10-11 years.  The dealer isn't pulling your leg.

The airbag "life" has been upgraded to 15 years, with a "wait and see" at
the 15 year mark.   This has been confirmed by both Audi and Mercyless
Benz, I don't know what's going on with the rest of the makes.

This is very typical dealer behavior.  The dealer rarely checks anything
physically, especially if it means $$$$ for the service writer.  Case in
point happen this week at a friends shop.  A four year old S Class was
brought into the shop about 2 weeks ago by a used car dealer, pads,
rotors and one caliper were changed. (Those are some BIG disks on that
car.)  A week later the buyer of the car calls up irate and says that the
authorized dealer just "inspected" the brakes and says the car needs
complete brakejob, rotors and all, and the used car dealer had lied to
him about the work being done.  I happened to be there when he got the
call and we both went over to the dealer where the car/owner were
waiting. (It was Chambers in Cambridge).  Service writer insisted the car
needed the work, we put the car on the lift right there and showed the
"honest mistake man"  the brand spanking new rotors, pads etc.  When
cornered with this, the service writer said that he must have gone by the
computer record which said the car was overdue for brakes, and since it
concerns a safety item "too much caution isn't enough".  The dealers
concern for the publics safety and comfort was heartwarming, they should
erect a statue honoring Dealer Service Depts. right next to the one
honoring the Red Cross.

I don't even want to get into the Audi Dealer invoices that came with the
new-to-me 200TQW, read more like a "Keystone Cops" attempt at repair than
an authorized service facility record.


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