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Re: Type 44 Fresh air flap repair experiences?

> > next, i placed the fixit bracket in place, lined it up, locked the bellows
> > back into it, then i used a finishing nail heated red hot with a torch to
> > melt the screw holes in the plastic that hold the "fix it" bracket on, as
> > there is not enough room to manuver a drill in there.
> That's a good idea.  I used a drill bit clamped in a miniature
> screwdriver - the kind that has a reversable flat/philips blade -
> remove blade and put drill bit in its place.

I just fashioned a C-clip of sorts out of stiff steel wire and used that
to hold the new bracket on. I've tried to describe it here before but
have failed to do so adequately... it's easier to understand once you're
in there. You just need something to hold the U-shaped bracket onto the
existing structure. By making another U (or C) shape that holds onto the
screw holes in the U bracket, and putting it on from the other side of
the structure, you've done it. I did this a year ago and it's been fine.

Incidentally, I think the poster's problem is really the spring. The
default position is fresh, with a working spring. If your actuator isn't
working right, you just won't get recirc. Just make sure that the vacuum
line isn't open, as that will make your climate control lose vacuum when
it turns that valve on.

- Wallace
  '87 5kcstq 161k