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RE: 1990 V8 wheel search


I would guess that the wheels would fit as long as the offset is ET37 or 
below.  I believe that the stock Ronals were used on both UFO and 
conventionally configured cars.  List, hit me with the learnin' stick if I'm 
wrong here.  I think Ti and Cobram might be able to provide more insight.
Most online tire and wheel stores that have "Shockwave" downloadable software 
will match up your vehicle (or something close in picture form) to different 
wheels.  No offset figures are provided, so finding vendors online and 
calling for specific application may be your best bet.  In our area, there 
doesn't seem to be many European specialty suppliers.  Good luck on the 
search.  BTW, the PO of my car refinished the Ronals to the horizontal plane 
of the wheel in the same color as the body (Lago blue) and it really sets off 
the wide track look.
Gil Bourcier
Columbia, MD USA
87 4kcsq-87k mi.-mine
90 V8Q-129k mi.-hers