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RE:RE: Carcomp VAG software

>Scott,I'm back already. Version 2.0.6 on a '95 S6 OBD1. I have the "special"
>connector for the OBD1 hookup. From what others are suggesting I need to
>slow my Toshiba Satellite 486-40mhz, down.Thanks, Tim

Tim, Scott, et. al.

FWIW I use version 2.09a with a Pentium 133 on a variety of cars in my shop, 
including VW's.  "Reestablishing communication with the car" is a common 
issue.  However, I've had the same "delay" using the factory vw/audi 1552.  A 
continual loop of this reading would mean something is up.  When I read about 
"Toshiba", I'm thinking slowing it down may not be the answer.  For many 
years Toshiba laptops have had a unique and 'patented' setup in regards to 
ports, windows (esp 3.1, it's a MS licensed windows) and all windows 
software.  Having owned 2 Toshibas in the last 5 years, I'm not sure I 
wouldn't just borrow an IBM clone and see if the problem persists, before you 
delve too far into the "slowing down" theory.  

The most times I get a connection problem, it's with S cars.  Since the 
communications ports are not well isolated from the elements while residing 
in the fuse block, I might suggest a cleaning of the connectors before hookup 
as well.

I've had several technical discussions with John at Carcomp (usually with our 
trusty lister computer guru, Bob Dupree).  We have been advised that Carcomp 
is designed to run with win 95 and win 98, and we know it won't work with a 
network windows environment (btdt b4 the call).  Also fwiw, version 2.09A 
will grab codes from 91 200, but won't do output functions.

Tim, IMO, try another laptop first, you may find the solution really simple


Scott Justusson