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Subaru/Yokohama rally championship : Tall Pines

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                                PRESS RELEASE
        ______November 21st, 1999______1 PAGE OF 3_______

FROM :     C.A.R.S.
TO :  sports desk

                                            presented by
                        YOKOHAMA TIRES OF CANADA

EVENT :                         Rally of the Tall Pines
LOCATION  :                   Bancroft, Ontario

1999 final standings: 1- Frank Sprongl 2- Sylvain Vincent 3- Tom McGeer 4-John Paynter 5- Y. Barbe  6- Jon Nichols  7- É. Tremblay, M. Racine  8- Havas  9- J. Smith

Class Champions : Open : Frank Sprongl               Production GT : Sylvain Vincent
Group 2 : Jon Nichols   Prod. Sport :  Bruno Laverdière  Prod. 1750 : Ilana Rosenshein

Champion Manufacturers :  Open : Audi    Production GT: Subaru
Group 2 : Volkswagen Prod.  Sport :  Toyota   Prod. 1750 : Suzuki

Co-Driver standings: 1- Dan Sprongl  2- Dominique Cyr  3- Trish McGeer  4- Clarke Paynter  5- Eric Tremblay  6- Mike Koch  7- Luc Piché  8- J-F Guité  9 – Bob Burton

 Best Novice Driver : Bruno Laverdière
 Best Lady : Dominique Cyr

January    28-30            Rallye de Quebec                        Quebec, Quebec
February 11-13             Rallye Perce-Neige                     Pembroke, Ontario
May        20-21             Bighorn Rally                               Edson, Alberta
May        26-27             Rocky Mountain Rally                 Calgary, Alberta
July     7 – 8                  Rallye Baie des Chaleurs              New Richmond, Quebec
Sept. 29 - Oct.1            Rally of the Voyageurs                 Parry Sound, Ontario
November 3 – 5            Rallye Auto Charlevoix                Pointe-au-Pic, Quebec November 24-25           Rally of the Tall Pines                  Bancroft, Ontario

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

                                      Tall Pines: a Rally For Pride!

Bancroft, Ontario. – Under overcast skies, with drizzle and rain coming down, Frank and Dan Sprongl managed to clinch their sixth Rally of the Tall Pines in a row, the final event of the Subaru Canadian Rally Championship, presented by Yokohama Tires. In front of largest crowd in Pines history, they delighted the fans in their Audi Quattro S2 with unbelievable speeds and raw driving talent on the treacherous road conditions. Two Subaru Impreza WRXs, those of Tom McGeer and Sylvain Vincent followed closely.
37 teams left the friendly East Ontario community for this late Fall Classic to be fought over 11 stages and 190 kilometres of pure speed.

Podium Pictures Season
Tom McGeer, driving the factory-sponsored Subaru WRX, started the day out slowly, but regained confidence and chipped away at Vincent’s second place. Back in Bancroft late Saturday night, it was Sprongl, McGeer, Vincent on the podium, with McGeer operating a last minute sprint to overtake Vincent who still earns GT title and 1999 vice-champion status.

Yves Barbe, in his Eagle Talon, finished fourth, and an outstanding performance by US competitor Nick Robinson in a Group 2 Honda Civic rounded out the top five. Robinson hustled his Civic to finish well in front of many all-wheel drive competitors. With his new Golf GTi, Jon Nichols finished second in Group 2 and a distant 10th overall. But he had such a strong season that he again wins class championship.

Jean-Marc Alcaraz, after debuting his new 400 horsepower Mazda 323GTR at Charlevoix, had clutch problems. Until he was forced to bow out, Alcaraz was also a contender for a podium spot with a number of blazing runs through the first four stages. Look for some serious competition from the DCA Express Mazda next year.

All Titles Sewn-up
John and Clark Paynter's first place finish in GT class meant that Subaru took first place honours in the manufacturers championship for 1999. Newcomer Bruno Laverdiere was on a roll; not only did he end the season with a first place finish in Production Sport class, he was given an award for being top novice. Congratulations were also in order for Dominique Cyr, wife and co-driver of Sylvain Vincent. She was awarded the Joan McAlpine trophy for being the top lady in Canadian rallying for 1999. Ilana Rosenshein rounded out the roster of winners for 1999, clinching the championship in Production 1750 class with her Suzuki Swift.

The Subaru Canadian Rally Championship is presented across the country eight times, between February and November. It is sanctioned by the Canadian Association of RallySport and supported by Subaru Canada and Yokohama Tire. The first rally of the season is Rallye de Quebec, in Quebec City. Additional information is available from the CARS website at www3.sympatico.ca/rally.cars or the Rallye de Quebec web site at www.oricom.ca/rallyeqc/

For Information: Michel Poirier-Defoy: 450 – 491 – 2480   lpindfoy@sympatico.ca
 CARS: Mr Terry Epp: 905 – 640 – 6444


                            SUBARU CANADIAN RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP
                                                    Presented by
                                    YOKOHAMA TIRES OF CANADA


#         TEAM                 CAR                 HOMETOWN         CLASS             FINAL
1 Frank / Dan Sprongl     Audi Quattro S2   Mississauga, On          Open             134:28
 2 Tom McGeer /J. Bellefleur Subaru Impreza WRX     Georgetown, On     Open 137:46
 3 Sylvain Vincent / D. Cyr     Subaru Impreza WRX  La Plaine, Qc     Open       139:09
 4 Yves Barbe/P. Bazinet     Eagle Talon     Laval, Qc     Open                             143:44
 5 N. Robinson/ C. Lindquist     Honda Civic     Plain City, Ohio         Gr2            145:49
 6 John & Clarke Paynter      Subaru Legacy     Halifax, NS                 GT            147:39
 7 Tom Lawless / C. Hegarty     Eagle Talon     Maspeth, NY             Open         151:00
 8 G. Healy / M. Kreisler     Subaru Impreza     Saugerties, NY         GT              151:02
 9 K. Scheible / G. McGuire Volks New Beetle Spenceport, NY         Sport      153:01
10 Jon Nichols/ Mike Koch      Volks Golf GTi     Montreal / Ottawa     GR2      156:01

The high points:
- Sprongls motored on to sixth Tall Pines victory in a row.
- The two Subaru WRXs exchanged second place all day
- Nicolas Robinson put on show with his Group 2 win
- Largest crowd ever for this Fall Classic hosted by Bancroft
- Paynters gave Subaru the manufacturer title in the GT class
- Four American crews round Top Ten positions
 The low points:
- Jean-Marc Alcaraz had clutch problem on his Mazda GT-R
- Numerous competitors were plagued with flat tires, unusual for Pines

            NEXT RELEASE : Tuesday,   January 25th  :  Rallye de Québec
                       Merry Christmas  and Happy New Year 2000 !