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RE: '88 80Q Bleeder Screw Broken

Michael wrote:

I'd like your opinions and alternatives if anyone has ever
experienced a broken screw. Thanks in advance

I used to drive Alfa's, and had a '61 that had a frozen then broken bleed 
screw on one of the calipers (these were big drum brakes).  I was able to 
remove the caliper, and drill/extract the rest of the screw and replace 
with a new one.  There was a tiny ball bearing at the bottom of the hole 
that sealed the system when pressed by the bleeder screw, so there was no 
harm done by the freeze up and extraction.  I did clean the threads up and 
the thing worked fine until the whole car sort of slowly rusted away!

I haven't removed a bleeder from my Audi's but would be surprised if there 
is a different system due to the simplicity.  IMO the key is getting the 
caliper into a position that you can see and work on the offending part: 
 remove and repair...


'90 200Q