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Re: '88 80Q Bleeder Screw Broken

Hi Michael;

    You will have to try to extract and replace the broken bleeder screw
eventually, but you can do the master cylinder job and bleed that line at
the caliper's flex hose connection. The caliper should be full of fluid with
no air and it isn't really necessary to bleed the caliper. Pressurize the
system and crack open the connection between the hard line and the flex
hose. Let the fluid bleed out until air-free and retighten the connection.
I've used this technique to good effect a few times when I've had trouble
with bleeder screws.


Fred Munro
'94 S4  92k km

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From: "Michael Theuri" <mikesoft@europa1.conwaycorp.net>
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Sent: Wednesday, November 24, 1999 1:27 PM
Subject: '88 80Q Bleeder Screw Broken

> Finally got the correct master cylinder for my '88 80Q and
> headed straight to my mech along with 2 liters of Super
> Blue ATE. Two hours later I got a call that nothing could
> be done as the bleeder screw on the front left caliper
> driver's side was broken....what a bummer. I was really
> counting on it being fixed today as I will be making a
> 800 mile journey today to Indiana. My master cylinder is
> not gone yet but the brake lights stay on occasionally,
> a sign that it is on its way out. Mech. says it should be
> okay to drive...pedal does not stay all the way to the flow.
> I'd like your opinions and alternatives if anyone has ever
> experienced a broken screw. Thanks in advance
> Mike