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Coupe Quattro

Hi Chaps,

I have some bad news this evening.  My attempt to
purchase Sandy Duffy's 5KCSTQ was thwarted by my
lovely wife as she seems to think spending $1,000 on a
car with 248,000 miles is a bit of a waste considering
I have a car that is only 2 years old.  Hey, it may be
a Dodge Stratus but it gets me to where he wants to go
(those are my wife's words!!)  Especially when we got
our first quote back yesterday for a new heating and
cooling system - $15,000!!!!  Then you have to thrown
in a new kitchen, windows, sheet rock etc.  Silly me -
DUH!!!!  Anyway, some questions.  

1.  Do I understand correctly that there are 2 Quattro
drivetrains from the 1980's i.e. 4000/80 cars and
5000/100 cars?  

2.  If so, which drivetrain does the Coupe Quattro

3.  If I attempted to graft Quattro drivetrain into
Coupe, do I have most parts available to me from donor

4.  I sold what I now know is a rare car to move to
USA, Silly me - DUH!!!!

Thanks in advance.


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