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Re: New engine started! (Was:K-Jet Problem)

> I now have the car running.  I found the mixture adjustment screw was broken
> and / or missing from the unit originally in the car. 

> I let the car run for about a half hour this morning until it cut out on
> it's own. (Why, I dunno.) Typically it will start on the first crank, but it
> takes a while.  I adjusted the spark timing by ear an hour ago until the
> engine smoothed out somewhat.  Unfortunately it is still very rough and
> feels like it is only running on 4 cyl.  Without an exhaust it is difficult
> to hear much of anything....  I've also found that small adjustments (less
> than 1/6th of a turn) on the mixture adjustment screw seem to make the
> difference between starting and not starting.  Is this typical? 

pretty much, 1/6 seems a little extreme, but sure, it's believable.

> I'm pretty
> sure I'm running the car is running very rich and I'm still getting an
> occasional backfire.  Any tips on how I
> can start tuning up the car to get it in driveable shape?  I guess first I
> have to figure out why the rough idle...

well, one thing the ecu would like to see once it is warm is an OXS
signal... you're gonna have to mount one of them somewhere.  (USA car,

> 3)New hoses (every single hose in the car) heater and coolant
> hoses replaced w/ Audi hoses covered in SS braid.  Vac & other hoses
> replaced w/ new SS braided hoses as well. 

Neat.  where'd you get that stuff?

> Any tips on tuning up the car are appreciated.

car sounds cool.

anyway, you really can't tune it up until the OXS is in it (well, and
maybe an exhaust, too?)

Or, I guess you could make the static adjustments for minimum CO in open
loop with a CO meter when warm... but why bother?

Once OXS is in and you can run it warm into closed loop then you can
make your adjustments.  Set fuel mixture for oscillation around 45-50%
duty cycle and advance the timing as far as you can...

Huw Powell


82 Audi Coupe; 84 4kq; 85 Coupe GT; 73 F250