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More brake light woes

'88 80 (red, if that matters). Went to auto body shop to replace rusted
running board under driver's door. As I left the parking lot, the brake
light came on when I applied pressure to pedal. Turn around and go back.
Affable owner assured me it's probably just a burned-out bulb. Ensuing
suspension and brake work done by mechanic w/ much Audi expertise. All
bulbs replaced and working, but damn warning buzzer still comes on.
Surly call back to body guy who still contends it's only a
coincidence--though happy to look at it (in a week). Mechanic guy
suggested going to dealer for they would have some gizmo to diagnose

Any help out there? Need more info?
=  Larry Rudiger, Ph.D.
=  Psychiatry
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