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Ur-Q parts value...

As some of you know, I've recently become the new project-meister for Ben 
Howell's Ur-Q/V8 ... I've spent the last week inventorying the spares I 
acquired along with it as well as trying to organize the remaining work to be 
done in a logical series of steps.  Like Ben, I've decided the primary use 
for this car will be on the street, although not as a daily-driver, and I've 
also decided that I want to lighten the car as much as pratical in order to 
maximize the power-to-weight ratio and improve its overall handling.

Since I have a tendency to become obsessive-compulsive about these things, 
Paula has strongly suggested that I open a separate bank account for the 
project funds as well as draw up a budget in advance to keep me from going 
overboard as I have in the past.  Since I know what's good for me (and, 
frankly, I find it difficult to argue against her logic), I've opened a 
separate bank account as she requested and have reluctantly started drafting 
a formal budget for the project.

Since I plan upon making a lot of other changes to the car (besides the 
engine, of course!), I'm intending to sell off the parts I don't use in order 
to defray some of the other expenses.  The problem is that I don't have any 
idea what Ur-Q parts are worth (selling for?) these days, which is where the 
Q-list comes in.

What is a pair of Ur-Q front fenders worth?
Front and rear bumpers?
Early-style rear valence and bumper?
Front and rear strut housings?
Early-style rear subframe with a/r bar mounts?
Gearbox and rear diff?
Brake booster and pressure regulator?
A set of 7x15 Fuchs?
A set of 8x15 Ronals?
A pair of nearly-new Cibie (not Hella) H1/H4 euro lights?
A set of nearly-new smoked tailights?
New and unused front and rear Bilstein strut inserts?
A rare (apparently 1 of 7) set of Sportwheels' custom linear-rate springs 
made by Eibach?
Side- and rear windows? 

I'm sure the list will get longer as work progresses but the above are things 
that probably aren't going to figure into my final plans.  If you have bought 
any of the above items recently or have a good idea how much they will bring 
in today's market, drop me a note.  NOTE: This is *NOT* a thinly-veiled "for 
sale" ad ... I'm just trying to decide what the net cost of installing 
european bumpers, for instance, is likely to be so I can determine whether 
it's something I can rationalize or not. (I realize this rigorous, 
disciplined approach will cause those of you who know me to laugh loudly for 
several minutes but I'm trying to break my old habits and this is one project 
I intend to complete on time and not too much over budget.)

Thanks for any input you may have...