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RE: Ur-Q parts value...

> Behalf Of OorQue@aol.com

> As some of you know, I've recently become the new project-meister for Ben
> Howell's Ur-Q/V8 ...

> What is a pair of Ur-Q front fenders worth?
> Front and rear bumpers?
> Early-style rear valence and bumper?
> Front and rear strut housings?
> Early-style rear subframe with a/r bar mounts?
> Gearbox and rear diff?
> Brake booster and pressure regulator?
> A set of 7x15 Fuchs?
> A set of 8x15 Ronals?
> A pair of nearly-new Cibie (not Hella) H1/H4 euro lights?
> A set of nearly-new smoked tailights?
> New and unused front and rear Bilstein strut inserts?
> A rare (apparently 1 of 7) set of Sportwheels' custom linear-rate springs
> made by Eibach?
> Side- and rear windows?

Holly Cow... these are the items you are SELLING?
Jeez, I can't wait to see this car when it is done.
Still can't figure out whats replacing the front fenders (composite?),
or the smoked tail lights (yellow tail lights for more power?).

That looks like a parts wanted list, not a parts fs list!

BTW, will the Bilstiens fit a 85 4kq?
Are the Cebies the sealed beam replacement type, or the aero type?