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RE: Winter Princess

> Now I also want to make sure the fluids are correct for winter.  
> I've noticed a
> sluggishness in the shifter in the morning when I first start out 
> since it's
> been cold.  I understand there is a tranny fluid that's better 
> that stock in the
> 4kq.  Does anyone know the brand?
I would use Redline MT-90 in the tranny, and I think it is the
75/90 gear lube in the diff.  Also, I recommend 10w30 mobile 1
for oil in our area, but if you park outside and don't have an
oil pan heater or block heater, you might go 5w30.

BTW, if you ever pass through Grand Forks, beware of the lowered
red 4kq with door rings, quattro banner on the windshield, chesty
exhaust, and hakk 1's on the original wheels, sans caps.

Erik (4 wheel drift) Addy