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Re: Snows for 5kcstq

TM -

Don't know why you are passing up Blizzaks. IMHO these are GREAT tires. Snow
traction is better than Gislaveds or Michelin snows, and wet traction is very
good too. I had a set on my 318i that I drove year round for about three years.
I was going to change them out in the spring the first year, but they performed
so well I left them on. After three years there was still plenty of snow tread
left, and I'm a pretty aggressive driver. Yes, they do wash out a little when
compared to high performance tires on dry pavement, but they are VERY
predictable. Since the 5K is a bit heavier they might not do so well on dry
roads, but they are definitely worth the money.

- Dave

"TM" <mizutanit@mindspring.com> on 11/30/99 07:35:17 PM

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Subject:  Snows for 5kcstq

Hi all,
I'm getting snows for my new 5kcstq and would like some input as
to what size and what tire.

I have a line on some cheap "aero" 5kt/tq wheels, so I plan on using
them. I think they are 15x6, not entirely sure, but definitely 15 inch.

What size snow tires will work with these wheels on a 5ktq? I was
thinking 185/70/15. Is that correct, or do I need something lower
profile, like 185/65/15?

What tires? Pirelli doesn't make Winter 210 Assimmetricos in these
15 inch sizes, so I need to find an alternative. I need something
long lasting, with good dry performance as we don't get that much
snow and ice in Philly/NJ/NYC. How are the older Winter 210Ps?
I'll have to see if Dunlop Winter Sport M2s are available in this
size as well. I'm not going with Blizzaks or Guardexes because these
tires get really sketchy in the dry. BTDT with the Guardex on a Jetta
GLI. First time I experienced a bad case of lift-throttle oversteer.

Taka Mizutani