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Re: Fuel Injectors (NAC VW Fox)

Robert -

I think you will get a number of opinions on this one. My suggestion is to run a
couple of cans of the full strength Techron through the tank and then check you
injector spray pattern (relatively easy to do). If you get incomplete cones you
still have cleaning to do. If the cones are complete and fuel dribbles out or
"pisses" (i.e., incomplete atomization) then the injectors are worn, not dirty
and need to be replaced. Check you local junkyard for Audis or VWs of that
vintage for cheap replacement. Some may be bad, but chances are that enough will
be good to replace the bad ones.

If the injectors are still dirty then the next step would be to use one of the
spray can injector cleaners that hooks up to the fuel manifold. I am not
positive on the brand, but if you ask around someone is probably familiar with
the product. You just run the engine off the can until it dies. Then hook your
fuel line up and recheck the injector pattern. BTW the spray can cleaner also
cleans carbon out of your exhaust and can even revive a marginal oxygen sensor.

If the injectors are still clogged you can have them professionally cleaned by a
shop that repairs diesel engines. Usually they charge about $40 per injector
(expensive!) so I would recommend replacing the injectors at this point.

I just went through this with a '77 Rabbit, it's not as much of a pain as you
would think.

Good luck!

- Dave

bobbie@kcdm.org on 11/30/99 11:24:09 PM

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Subject:  Fuel Injectors (NAC VW Fox)

I got an 89 VW Fox.  Its got the same engine as the 4000 (detuned a little,
I think).  I need to clean the fuel injectors.  Can I do this myself?  How
difficult is it to take off the injectors, etc etc etc...