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RE: Snows for 5kcstq

> From: John Corbishley [mailto:JCorbs@gtresort.com]
> Actually the later Ur-Qs had 215s and the GLX has 205s.  However I don't
> believe within reason that width need necessarily correlate with weight?

What I wrote.
> > an Ur-Q and a Jetta, still lighter cars than a type 44.  By a lot.
> > 205/60 and 195/65-15 are stock diameter.  As is the 185/65-14 
> on the 4kq.

First off, I was talking what was stock diameter on a 5k.  Second, I
thought we were talking diameter, 215, 205 those are _widths_.

And yes, I do think that weight has an effect on the proper width
of a snow tire.  600-800 pounds is a lot.